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Self Care Practise: Ten Thoughts to Help Me Get Through the Day

The Thought Log involves the practise of writing ten thoughts every morning, not only helps you plan for challenges and consider your stressors but also develops a coping strategy and faces your fears. This practice helps reduce anxiety, improve your resilience, increase happiness, and help build stronger interpersonal relationships.

Think of all the challenges/events/people that make it difficult for you to get through the day. Now, write down a few thoughts that could serve you better in coping with these situations. These thoughts may not be perfect but can empower you, help make a rational choice, and overcome anxiety better. 

Thought Log: Ten Thoughts to Help Me Get Through the Day
Thought Log: Ten Thoughts to Help Me Get Through the Day

This A4 size PDF format thought log worksheet can be used both as a printable page or digitally on a tablet/iPad/PC/laptop. It comes in five different color options to choose from. After adding your details, the file will be downloaded to your device.

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