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Every morning I’d make sure that—what I do the rest of the day, aligns with what I value the most. I’d prioritise aspects of my work that I enjoy, check up on the people who I care about, and manage my finances for a better tomorrow.

Then, I’d continue to ask myself, “What new goals do I want to work on this week?” “What aspects of my life am I struggling with?” “How can I let go of unhelpful thoughts or behaviors this week?” And then I’d go about the day like anyone else. There’s never a concrete planning or thought/action record.

But every now and then, I’d buy into my emotional urges. I’d do things that I don’t really value or enjoy consequently, but they do feel rewarding at the very moment. For instance, constantly checking my phone for notifications, or sleeping longer than alarm’s routine, or consuming more sugar. Its even worse when my emotions are on stake. Am I proud of it? Certainly not? Do I beat myself up every waking hour for it? Definitely!

How to Use the Worksheet?

One strategy that I’ve gotten to learn when struggling to cope with emotional urges is taking a pause and doing a pros and cons analysis. “What could be the pros of yelling back at my boss when I’m upset? Or consuming sugar?” “What possible cons could get me into serious problem?” I realised that even if the task seemed boring, writing the pros and cons itself felt therapuetic.

In the following table, write down a real emotion-provoking situation when you felt that you may have acted better. Then, make a list of all the pros to acting in that particular way. In the next column, brainstrom all the cons for acting your desired way. Lastly, explore a list of alternative responses that eliminate the cons mentioned above, and offer the same benefits as pros. Give them a try one by one.

Download Worksheet - Tackle Emotional Urges
Tackle Emotional Urges – Worksheet Download

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