Self Care Practice For Mental Health – Download Worksheet

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Having a self care list helps you maintain a routine and feel more in control of your day, especially if you struggle managing blue days or poor mental health.

Self Care Tracker for Mental Health - Download Printable PDF
Print the Self Care Tracker on an A4 size paper and cut the edges.

List down the activities that you’d like to do throughout the week or an entire month. In the second column table, check off the days where you managed to perform your listed activity.

This worksheet helps you track activities that you are most encouraged to do, along with how frequent you are. It also denotes your mood levels. For instance, in the second column, if you find more check marks on a Tuesday, but least on Monday, then you could adjust your activities accordingly.

Self care for mental health- Download Printable PDF
Download free Self Care Tracker PDF instantly

This A5 size PDF format worksheet could be used both as a printable page or digitally on tablet/ipad/PC/laptop. After adding in your details, the file should be downloaded to your device right away.

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