Quiz – Are You An Overthinker? 100 Items to Check

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An overthinker overthinks about everything, literally.

If you’re an overthinker, you’ll know.

  1. You’re stuck in the same thought cycle for hours
  2. Can’t get out of that dark hole of sadness and anxiety
  3. You don’t know what’s wrong with you
  4. You’re trying to not think about it but can’t.
  5. You need extra reassurance from others.
  6. You can’t stop making predictions about what others think of you.

Being a psychologist, I’m always keen on being a part of different facebook groups that advocate for mental health. They are mostly just forums where people can rant about their daily struggles and seek advice/validation from fellow members. 

The other day as I was scrolling my phone—I randomly came across someone who posted a question, in a facebook group of 101K members. His question was: What are the main overthinking topics that occupy your thoughts (or head, if I may say). 

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What do overthinkers worry about?
Image Source: Facebook Group

As you can see, there were more than 100 people who commented what they have been overthinking about. So I’m going to be listing down what do overthinkers worry about.

Live a simple life: Worry Chart
Dump your worries in this Worry Chart.

Negative thoughts chart
What are you overthinking about? Record it in my anxiety journal. Download here.

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