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Questions to challenge negative thoughts printable worksheet

Last week, I asked someone–”What thoughts are you supposed to let go of but still holding on to?”. The person responded, “The thought that I’m worthless.” Her response got me thinking. How many times during the day we’d just sit and have these thoughts: “I’m a failure.” “I’m worthless” “I can face this situation” “I’m a disappointment to my parents.” The list of these negative thoughts are endless. Not only do they occupy your head, but also serve no purpose, besides impacting how you feel or behave. 

In this worksheet, you’ll find questions to challenge negative thoughts. They are framed with the idea that for every negative thought, you may focus on the possible positive opposite. A simple way to explain this principle is–If you’re having a bad day, think of the times when something good did happen. If you feel like you’ll never make it in life, think of the moments when you did attain success. The worksheet challenges your negative thoughts, by collecting specific evidences that tells you that you’re not a failure. 

How to Use this Challenge Negative Thoughts Worksheet?

The following challenge negative thoughts worksheet depicts some of the common thoughts that you are likely to have. For each negative thought, it has listed a couple of questions that encourage you to direct your focus on the positive opposite. In addition, it also makes you list down your strengths and your coping abilities, just in case your negative thoughts take place in reality. 

This worksheet is a perfect activity of reflection if you’re someone who feels trapped in those negative thoughts and is unable to get out. Moreover, negative thoughts could also impact your mood for the day. This worksheet could keep you encouraged, hopeful, and motivated to hold onto the positive aspects that have been working for you. Similarly, you may develop your list of questions to each of the negative thoughts listed below, or come up with more themes within the worksheet. To get started, you can pick one negative thought and work on that section for the entire week. Come back later, and add/subtract suitable questions that you believe would help you. 

Questions to Challenge Negative Thoughts
Questions to Challenge Negative Thoughts