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Printable Brain Dump Worksheet

It’s the third day of this week as I plan to head for work and my mind is racing with overwhelming thoughts. Maybe it’s coming from yesterday’s incident at work, uncertainties of the future, or other people’s judgments about me. At this point, I can’t process anything and need something to help release my thoughts. 

So I brain dump my thoughts onto a piece of paper. It is easy that way because I don’t have to think about the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ or ‘where,’ of my thoughts. Neither am I under the pressure to come up with exactly what’s bothering me. I can simply dump or spill it, as I do with my garbage, or stuff from my wardrobe, as I can always return later on and keep the important ones. So, on this paper—I don’t have any particular format per se. I write anything that comes to my mind, be it my anxieties, to-do list, hard decisions, or bad emotions. 

As unusual as the brain dump activity sounds, just the process of writing my thoughts out makes it therapeutic enough to begin my day with a fresh mind. It makes me feel that I have recorded those thoughts somewhere. So I don’t have to keep it in my head anymore. I can simply return to those once I’m ready. Moreover, it makes more clear space in my head, relieves my anxiety, and improves how I feel. 

How to Use This Printable Brain Dump Worksheet

Unload all the thoughts that come to your mind as per the following categories framed in this worksheet. This may involve your anxieties, future expectations, important decisions, or difficult emotions. The good part is that you make the rules on what and how you want to write it. 

Use this worksheet any time of the day, be it early morning, or during your coffee break. It will not give you a therapeutic release from your worries, thoughts, and feelings, but also clear your head and organize the important thoughts. 

Printable Brain Dump Worksheet
Printable Brain Dump Worksheet

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