How to Stop Worrying: Let go of Control (Worksheet)

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Coping with change is not only stressful for me, but also unbearable. It’s difficult to simply stop worrying. Whether it is the change of dinner plans or a change in the behavior of someone I love, these situations quickly evoke anxiety and worry within me. Not only do I end up obsessing and replaying these scenarios in my head, but it also impacts my mental health

Trying to control the events around you may have more to do with your desire to seek security and certainty. Thus, any chance of uncertainty will have me obsessing over negative and unhelpful thoughts. “If only I manage to stick with my diet, text others frequently, check in with my bank balance, or wake up at 4 am every day, there’s no way anything could go wrong.”

How to Use this Worksheet to Stop Worrying?

This free printable worksheet is framed to help you breathe, let go of your need for control, accept change and uncertainty, and feel empowered. It encourages you to take a pause and have a look at your spiral of negative thoughts that drive you to control a situation, person, or action. Some examples of these negative thoughts may look like this: “If I don’t act happy and lively, they may not like me.” “I better get that job done, otherwise I’m just a piece of trash.” “If I don’t finish my education on time, then I’d be too old to study.”

No matter the kind of negative thoughts, it is a good practice to engage in the pros and cons of dwelling in them. This way, you attain clarity to make behavioral changes. The Printable Anxiety Worksheet engages you to analyse the impact and/or support that dwelling on these thoughts may bring. After making the pros and cons analysis, explore your strengths and the best suitable strategy to eliminate the feeling of powerlessness, cope with change, and move forward feeling empowered. 

Free Printable Self Care Planner- Let go of Control
Free Printable Self Care Planner – Let go of Control

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