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Anxiety Worksheet - Reduce Racing Thoughts

Do you ever have this feeling where you think that your brain is hijacked? You want to get some rest, but your head can’t stop from having fast, repetitive thoughts looping in a cycle?

Recently I’ve been considering to transition to a better-paying job. But the thought of it brings along a few uncertainties in my head that I can’t stop thinking about—“What if I’m making a huge mistake leaving my current job? Maybe I’m being a little impatient. Why am I living in a state of fear? What if I’d lose all my money in the process of changing jobs? What will my family think of me? Am I really that incapable?”

I just can’t stop ruminating. These racing thoughts are more intense during the night compared to early mornings. They flood my brain and it becomes difficult to escape. If you’re like me, then you may relate to what I’m talking about. It’s an everyday struggle. Some days you just feel more trapped and exhausted than others. And you wish you were as happy as other people out there.

In my training years as a psychologist, I read about several strategies that have been proven to help calm these racing negative thoughts—such as replacing them, finding healthy distractions, or predicting the outcome with a positive alternative scenario. But to me, the strategy that always helped me cope was reminding myself of my strengths. Thus, I pulled out my worksheet.

How to Use this Worksheet to Stop Ruminating

Unlike exploring an alternative thought to cope with negative thoughts, this Worksheet encourages you to reflect on the times when you actually managed to cope with a difficult situation, and apply the same skills to your current obstacles.

It’s a great tool to not only focus on your strengths, but also improve your self-esteem, and break the loop of racing thoughts. Go through each question carefully, take time to reflect on yourself, and explore the best version out of yourself.

How to Stop Ruminating: Racing Thoughts Worksheet
Anxiety Worksheet: Reduce Racing Thoughts