Want to Stop Overthinking? Ask These 15 Questions

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Whether you can’t stop overthinking the thoughts from the past, or predictions, I can say how distressing must that be. Not only is it difficult to get it out of your head, but you also feel paralyzed toward actually resolving the problem at hand. So what do we do about these thoughts? I have a simple tactic for those who want to stop overthinking below:

I have customized a list of 15 questions that could help you stop overthinking, challenge negative thoughts, and change the channel of your problem solving. It focuses on not only your strengths in resolving the problem, but also help explore the worst-case scenario, and best supporting yourself in the situation at hand.

  1. What is the situation?
  2. What are my thoughts about this situation?
  3. What about this situation makes me believe that it is true?
  4. What about this situation might not be true?
  5. What could be the worst consequence of this situation?
  6. What could be a possible moderate/manageable consequence of this situation?
  7. What could happen if I continue to respond to this situation the same way? How will it benefit me?
  8. What if I adopt another way to respond to this situation? How will it benefit me?
  9. What could I tell a friend if this happened to them? How will I make them feel?
  10. What self-judgment statements/words occur in my head in this situation that I have overlooked?
  11. Can I put my worry-thoughts on the table, go about my day and come back later to attend them again?
  12. Did a similar situation ever happen to me before? How was my response and how did it help me at that time?
  13. What could I do differently this time?
  14. What support or resources (time/energy/money) will I need in order to cope with this situation?
  15. If I were to take it one step at a time, what would my first three steps look like?
How to Stop Overthinking - 15 Questions
If printed in A4 size, you may cut out the sides of the worksheet and paste it on your fridge, journal, or room’s wall.

Questions to Challenge Negative Thoughts

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If printed in A4 size, you may cut out the sides of the worksheet and paste it on your fridge, journal, or room’s wall.

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