Goal Setting Worksheet: Know Your Values

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It’s another year and we’re already reaching the midway. How come the days are passing by so fast and yet we’re in the same place as yesterday? Doesn’t it feel like competition already? Meanwhile, I’m focused on checking off some of my goals by the end of december. And I’m curious if other people out there are also working as hard to reach somewhere this year? 

Whether you want to become independent financially, buy a new house, pass a difficult exam, or exercise regularly this year—goals are something we all look forward to every waking hour. But how do we know whether we’ll actually achieve them? What if they’d simply fade off from our yearly journal in the moment of time? 

Moving into the direction of your goals is only meaningless and vague, if you’re chasing for the sake of it. Not only will your have no energy working towards them, but remain unclear of your actions. But here’s a little secret. Align your goals with personal values. When you move into the direction of what you personally value (eg. relationships, caring for others, satisfaction, standing up for yourself, and so on)—not only are you encouraged to wake up each morning with hope, but also have a clear sense of direction over what and why is it important to you. 

How to Use This Worksheet?

Say, you already have a personal goal that you want to achieve. Elaborate the goal that you want to achieve. Be specific on the time duration, or the frequency which will be required to attain it. Next, set some time aside to recognize what value is your goal of. How will pursuing this goal bring you satisfaction. 

But the goal setting process doesn’t end simply with asking yourself “What is it that I want to achive?” It also requires your to identifying barriers, resources, and steps that may or may not serve you. 

The following table in the worksheet requires you to mark down specific steps towards your goal. Against each step, make a list of possible barriers, and strategies that could serve you in attaining the goal. Come up with as many strategies as you can, and check off those that did work the best for you. 

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Goal Setting Worksheet
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