Hi I’m Sally. I’m a psychologist and I create self-help journals to cope with negative thoughts, anxiety, and everyday worry.

I started this blog back in 2022, right after finishing my Masters in psychology. Around that time I had a small Facebook group of 20 people where I’d share self-help printables occasionally. Funnily, members would download my worksheets and wait until I shared new ones the following week. I was struggling as a newly graduate therapist back then (maybe I still am, lol) . But recognizing where my skills were most useful, I grew fond of creating self-help journals.

Sally George Gentle Meanings
Going through my Self-Care Journal
Sally George Gentle Meanings
Sitting by the church.

Since then, it has been quite a process for me:

  1. Figuring out the structure of my blog posts.
  2. Improving my blog’s SEO and struggling to rank.
  3. Trying multiple social media platforms to reach out to my readers.
  4. Struggling to decide the length of my blog posts.
  5. Failing to understand what my readers would like the most.
  6. Pushing myself to write next blog post.
  7. Almost giving up and starting again.
  8. Researching other blogs and finding blogging as complicated.

But all through the journey, what’s remained constant for me was:

  1. My readers downloading, coming back for more printable worksheets.
  2. My passion of creating & sharing new worksheet and self help tools every week.
  3. Researching new tools to overcome negative thoughts and anxiety.

If you’re new here, I recommend you to try out my worksheets from How to Stop Negative Thoughts blog post. Or even better, download my free E-book. I also work with fellow therapists who’re like me, just starting with their online businesses.

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Sally George from Gentle Meanings
Visiting the gateway of India with my husband.
Sally George Gentle Meanings
In November 2023, I married the love of my life.

Besides being a supportive husband, Nik is also a philosopher and historiain. He talks a lot about Wales, UK (his hometown) on this Facebook page. Occasionally, he’d manage this blog and write blog posts, sharing his philosophical insights on different subjects.

Considering the small meaningful success we’ve found on this blog, my long term goal is to quit 9 to 5 job and build an online store of self-help & wellness journals, since mental-health is what I advocate for the best 🙂

Self Care Journal for For Anxiety, Negative Thoughts, and Everyday Worries
Self Care Journal for For Anxiety, Negative Thoughts, and Everyday Worries
Self Care Journal Sally George

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Sally George via Gentle Meanings

Sally George

Sally George is a Psychologist & the Editor of Gentle Meanings. She shares thought-provoking tools, asks insightful questions, and encourages her readers to be gentle with themselves.

Niklas George

Niklas George

Niklas is a religious studies teacher and freelance journalist who has written for a number of platforms on a wide-range of subjects. He especially enjoys philosophy, football and travelling.