Challenge Negative Thoughts Worksheet: Untrap Yourself

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If there was a way I could count how many negative thoughts I’ve had in the past one hour, I’m sure my future self would be diappointed. “I’m never going to make it.” “I always disappoint people” “I guess I’m a terrible mother” Multiply these thoughts with the next 24 hours, the next week, and the next month—and I’d realise that something needs to change.

Being occupied with negative thoughts day-in and-out begins to feel like a trap. You desperately want to get out of. Its a good realisation that beyond that trap, there’s sunshine and hope. But hey, these thoughts in your head won’t stop, no matter what you do. Whether you shut your ears, think of the times when your negative thoughts weren’t true (download worksheet), or display a big red ‘stop’ sign in front of your eyes. 

How to Use the Challenge Negative Thoughts Worksheet

If you belived that your negative thoughts are actually helpful—how willing would you be to give it up? Although we all are busy changing our old habits—eat leafy food, limit screen time, or exercise regularly—it won’t happen unless you realize that your old beliefs aren’t serving you. 

This worksheet will help you replace negative thought patters, by asking you to rate how much you believe in them. While initially, it may sound awkward, but after doing it a couple of times, you’d observe a difference. 

Start with listing down some of the negative thoughts that occur frequently in your head. You may keep a thought log and make a note of the thoughts that you wish to work on. Then, rate the level to which you believe in each of the negative thought. It could be anywhere between 1 (I don’t believe at all) to 5 (Strongly believe). 

In the next column, ask yourself “What are some of the things I could try to shift my level of belief just one unit back?” It doesn’t have to be very expensive or time consuming activity. It could simply be—“Listening to one favourite music a day” or “Writing down three positive thoughts to one negative.” Then, rate the extent to which you believe in the marked negative thought, after trying out the listed activities. Set your own time frame (one week, or fifteen days) to perform your listed activites and get back to rating your negative thoughts. Chances are, it will be much weaker than when you had rated in the first place. 

Challenge Negative Thoughts Worksheet
Challenge Negative Thoughts Worksheet

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