Who We Are?

Gentle Meanings is an online magazine that brings you daily printable mental health worksheets, handout forms, interventions, and activities to help you get through the day. While it is essential to know the cause of ‘why’ do you feel, think, or behave the way you do—this magazine is all about ‘what’ to do. It emphasizes on behavioral and thought provoking activities, questions, and worksheets that will encourage you to take small manageable steps daily.

About the Editor

Sally Van Lief via Gentle Meanings
Sally Van Lief via Gentle Meanings

Sally Van Lief is a Psychologist & the Editor of Gentle Meanings. She shares thought-provoking tools, asks insightful questions, and encourages her readers to be gentle with themselves.

After having pursued her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, she is dedicated to make Gentle Meanings a reality. She believes that sometimes you only need to—play with your what-if assumptions, experiment behaviorally, and then decide what works best for you—provided that you have the necessary tools