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Self Care Printable: Collect Resources

I’ve had friends who would spend their entire paycheck chasing ‘self-care.’ If you’d go through their payment record, it’d look like: $25 paid for aesthetic beauty cream and makeup, $12 Starbucks, and $20 Yoga classes. While it’s not a terrible idea to pursue things that you like, self-care practice is more than just that.

Well, here’s a little activity for you. Look back into the last week. What are some of the things you were occupied with? Say, you were busy at work, managing deadlines and impressing your boss. Now, I need you ask yourself—“What areas did I struggle with?” “What were the moments where I felt extreme emotions?” “How did I manage to cope with those difficulties?” By engaging in these questions, you are now getting started with self-care. 

The following self care printable takes you to the journey of self care. It emphasizes on the exact things that are essential to target your feelings of empowerment, satisfaction, and a sense of content. It will encourage you to take a deep breath, slow down, and look inside when you’re at your worst. Unlike the general advice that you usually get “Go out for expensive spa massages,” “Make more friends,” you can simply reflect upon internal resources and reconnect with yourself first. 

This worksheet is categorized into four —stress relievers, helpful reminders, support system, and affirmations. This makes it perfect for you to record your self-care resources and take them out when you need it. Moreover, you can actually check which category is low in its resources, and which one is already full. The one that is full can be used on-the-go. Whereas the one with least number of resources, you can find ways to fill it up on your not-so-bad days.  

How To Use the Worksheet for Self Care Practice?

Depending upon the categories, fill each box with as many self-care resources as you can. Refer to the worksheet and pull out the listed resources whenever you wish to make yourself feel better. You can also identify the category with low resources and find ways to fill it up on your not so bad days.

Printable Self Care Planner: Self Care Resources
Printable Self Care Planner: Self Care Resources