25 Examples of Negative Thoughts

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“I can’t do this anymore,” “I shouldn’t have said it,” or “I will die alone,”are some examples of negative thoughts.

“It’s hopeless. Why even try? I give up.”

“I’m stupid. Everyone else is always right about things.” 

“Everyone is always unfair to me.”

“People should listen to me whenever I need to talk.” 

“I should be able to handle my problems without bothering others.” 

“Why can’t others hear me out when I need them to?”

“It’s my parent’s fault that I’m having these problems. Now I have to work hard to solve them.”

“Other people always hurt me.”

“I hate you for doing what you did. I don’t trust you anymore.”

Dump your worries in six categories
Dump your negative thoughts & worries in six categories

“I’m a burden.”

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“I should have said something else.” 

“I’m a terrible mother/father/friend/child/etc.”

“I’m such a weak person.”

“The world is so cruel and cold.”

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“I should be doing better in life by now.”

“I will die alone.”

“No one understands me.”

“I’m worthless.”

“I’m unloveable.”

“There’s nothing extraordinary about me that people would like.”

Negative thoughts chart
Negative thoughts chart

Download the Negative Thoughts Chart Now!

“I don’t feel happy this morning. My life is just going to pass before my eyes.”

“I feel like a burden to everyone around me.”

“I always give up. I’m just useless.” 

“I can never achieve what I truly want out of life.’

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