10 Gratitude Prompts to Practice Daily – 2024

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“What do you do when life gets difficult?—I get asked this a lot. Honestly, i think all we really need is some resilience when nothing makes you happy, when there’s hopelessness, and when the world is against you. 

One way to do this is by counting your own strengths, instances when your actions turned situations better, people who believed in you, and times when you doubted the world, and yet it all fell right into place for you. That is what the internet may call it—the practice of gratitude, through gratitude prompts.

Here are 10 gratitude prompts to help you get started:

1. “What powerful lessons have I learned in the last [timeframe]”

It could be anything from your struggles, wins, or simply experiences that led to nothing, seriously. Any of that connects down to prompting growth, resilience, and adaptability. 

2. “What about my abilities—when I handle a crisis—am I proud about?”

This gratitude prompt, again, is about acknowledging your unique strenghts and coping mechanisms that emerge during challenging moments. It’s more like a gentle nudge, you know? 

3. “What day-to-day simple things bring me satisfaction?”

We somehow tend to overlood delights within our daily routines. I do it myself. And so, I need to often take a pause to notice it and practise mindful appreciation into daily simple things—such as, a cup of coffee, or sitting by the river with my husband—that helps me restore a deep sense of gratitude in my heart. 

4. “What am I looking forward to next [time frame]?”

Milestones are great to cultivate a sense of hope and gratitude over the future. By fostering a sense of hopeful expectation, it ignites a proactive approach to life, nurturing a positive outlook and determination to pursue your dreams.

5. “What do I really appreciate around me?”

Take a moment to reflect on the people, moments, and things that bring joy and comfort into your life. This practice is like a gentle reminder from a close friend, encouraging you to recognize the blessings that surround you, even during challenging times. 

6. “10 things that I love about myself”

If you were to ask a friend, “what do you love about me?” I’m sure there would have been a good number of items in the list. So why hesitate to do that for yourself? Why not be a good friend to yourself?

7. “What do I enjoy doing on the internet?”

Whether it’s learning new things, engaging with communities, or exploring creative outlets—reflect on activities that bring your joy out there. Perhaps have a conversations with a savvy friend who understands your interests, and then get back to this question later. 

8. “What is a recent improvement in my lifestyle?”

Consider the positive changes you’ve made in your daily life and the efforts you’ve invested in your personal growth and well-being. This prompt emphasizes the importance of recognizing the steps taken towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. 

9. “Who is someone I could turn to when in need of comfort?”

Think about the people you trust and feel safe with when things get tough. It’s like having a reliable friend or family member who’s there to listen and support you. Recognizing these comforting individuals can help you feel more secure and less alone during challenging times, fostering a stronger sense of emotional well-being and connection.

10. “What part of my life have changed for the better?”

Lastly, reflect on the positive improvements in your life lately. It’s like patting yourself on the back for making things better in certain areas. By acknowledging these improvements, you can feel a sense of gratitude and optimism, knowing that positive change is possible and within your control.

To begin practicing gratitude, start by taking small steps each day. Reflect on the positive aspects of your life, acknowledge the support from loved ones, and find joy in the simplest of things. 

Consider keeping a gratitude journal to note down things you appreciate regularly. Take time to express thanks to those around you and engage in activities that promote mindfulness and positivity. 

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